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What is Christian Rationalism ?

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Christian Rationalism is a science and philosophy. NOT a religion

Thousands of years ago great men driven by ideals of reform tried with their teachings to enlighten humanity. Such men like Jesus, Budda, Confucius and Mohammed taught similar spiritual principles, however besides not being understood, ended up deified by the illiterate masses. Once the idea of divinization took hold, the respective religions were created, each preaching a different form of speculative worship, and the followers of each flocked together. Jesus Christ and all the others were just men, remarkable MEN in fact, but nevertheless, human beings like all of us, without any divine affiliations. All lectured the principles that Christian Rationalism now teaches and thus despite our name, we have nothing to do with the biblical Jesus Christ. The person known as Jesus was just a man, though one of the the greatest men that ever existed on Earth! That is why this philosophy and science is also called Christian.

A philosophy for our time.

Christian Rationalism deals with Physical and Psychic Phenomena, Philosophical and Psychological issues, Reincarnation, Incorporeal Life, Space and the Universe, the Power of Thought, Evolution, Gods and Religions, Force and Matter, the Aura, Ethics, Family and Children, Why do we live ? What is God ? Who am I ? Where did I come from ? Where do I go to ? Why do we suffer ? How to be happy? What is mediumship? What is obsession ? What is psychic cleansing? What is the main problem of life ? What is courage ?, etc.


Psychic Cleansing ( Irradiations )

Psychic cleansing (Spiritual Cleansing) is a very important mental hygiene practice, which can literally change your life for the better. The title in red above illustrates exactly how important this practice is and we urge you to do it at home twice a day, either by doing it yourself or following an audio in MP3 format:

Psychic Cleansing without the Audio

If you would like to learn how to do  Psychic Cleansing at home or anywhere, please click HERE or send an email to:

Psychic Cleansing following an Audio (easiest way)

Click HERE to download an audio in MP3 of the irradiations in English. We suggest you download this audio to a folder in your computer and listen to it twice a day, concentrating on the words. The suggested hours for listening to this audio is 7.00AM and then at 8.00PM, but you can organize your own timetable if you prefer different hours. However once you decide for your own thours, please try to adhere to the same timetable.


We have no commercial or speculative interests

We have no commercial or speculative interest whatsoever in the explanation of this philosophy. We are not driven by the purpose of enlisting followers in order to obtain financial support. There is no collection of alms, soliciting of gratuities or any other means of reaching into the pockets of those who may be interested in the teachings of the philosophy and wish to study it in order to put its beneficial principles into practice.

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